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Offering comprehensive one-on-one health coaching and a virtual group membership
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1-on-1 health coaching

Are your symptoms holding you back from living your best life? Are you ready to address root causes and start living the life you deserve? If so, this program is for you! 

Coaching begins with determining where you are in your health journey, where you want to go and why. Then, we’ll create a roadmap to get you there! Together, we will identify and address physical imbalances using the six lifestyle pillars as our guide to create sustainable change. 

The whole body approach to mental and physical health takes commitment, but together we will have you living your best life!

Hands On Support
  • Two private meetings per month
  • Functional tests to identify physical imbalances
  • Option to add on a customized exercise program
  • Individualized supplement plan and 25% off medical grade nutraceuticals
  • Personalized online health portal with direct messaging to Kaytee
  • Free enrollment into the Group Membership (details below)

Group Membership

Join the Holistic Health Group Membership for support and education designed to create a healthy mental and physical lifestyle. Each month we focus on giving you the knowledge and tools to implement one main strategy for optimizing the six lifestyle pillars.

Consistent Guidance
  • Bi-weekly video calls hosted by Kaytee with guest speakers
  • Access to the recorded calls
  • Drop in ‘office hours’ with Kaytee once a month for bite-sized support
  • Access to the exclusive Holistic Health membership group online
  • 10% off medical grade supplements

Now Accepting Founding Members!!


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