IBS is B.S.

Address the root cause of your symptoms to get rid of them for good

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Did you know?

IBS is simply a name for symptoms but tells us nothing about what's causing them!

There's always a reason

For 15 years I was told there was nothing I could do about my debilitating GI symptoms – pain, cramps, bloating, all the other things no one wants to talk about. 

Sometimes I was afraid to eat because of possible pain; sometimes to make plans because of having to cancel; and always the fear that I’d live with it all for the rest of my life.

“Everything looks normal. It’s IBS. You’re just going to have to live with it.

Sound familiar? 

If so, you’re in the right place. Because I get it! I’ve been there.

I’m also here to say that I’m now symptom free… why?

Because IBS is B.S.!!

I got to the root cause and you can, too!

5 R Approach to Gut Healing


Remove pathogens, foods or bacteria that are wreaking havoc on your gut to reduce symptoms and inflammation and start healing.


Replace nutrients and digestive support that are missing to improve symptoms and nutrient status and optimize functioning.


Repair the gut lining from damage to reduce food sensitivities, symptoms, and inflammation.


Re-inoculate the gut by adding the right bacteria to restore balance and maintain gut health long term.


Rebalance your lifestyle so that these symptoms don't come back and you never feel this way again!

Don't Just Live with it Anymore

& take back your life!

In order to find healing, we need to first identify what’s causing your symptoms. A basic stool test or colonoscopy often isn’t enough. 

But there’s so much more we can do!

Then, we’ll use the 5 R Approach as our framework to guide your individualized healing journey and restore balance so you can be free of symptoms and get your life back!

I started Holistic Health & Wellness to give you the support I wish I had had during my gut healing journey.

Find your specific imbalances with testing based on your history and symptoms

Naturally restore health through the 5 R approach to gut health using food, lifestyle and supplements

Receive unprecedented support with longer appointment times and direct messaging between sessions

Be empowered with the knowledge and tools to create lasting change so you never feel this way again

Stories of Healing

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Support & Guidance

You Can Trust

Kaytee Hadley, MS, RDN, IFMCP, CPT aka “The Anti-IBS Dietitian” is dedicated to spreading the message that IBS is B.S.! As a functional medicine nutritionist, she dispels the myth that IBS is a lifetime sentence that “you just have to live with”. She has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo, Better Homes & Garden, and AARP and is the founder of Holistic Health and Wellness where she helps people all over the world get rid of symptoms for good by finding and addressing the root causes, using the all-natural 5 R Approach.

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