Kaytee Hadley MSc, RDN, IFMCP, CPT

Kaytee Hadley MSc RDN IFMCP CPT is a functional medicine dietitian, holistic health coach, and certified personal trainer with a BA in Psychology, MSc in Nutrition, and Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner. She founded Holistic Health and Wellness to support folks with IBS and chronic GI symptoms who have been let down by the conventional care model to find and address the root causes of their symptoms naturally so they can be symptom free and thrive!

Gut health and hormones: how to find balance

Gut Health and Hormones: How to Find Balance

When the gut is imbalanced, other systems in the body including hormones are affected! 

If you struggle with hormonal conditions or symptoms of abnormal gut function and are ready to take charge of your health – keep reading!

low formal diet for sibo: does it actually work?

Low FODMAP Diet for SIBO: Does it Actually Work? 

The low FODMAP diet is often touted to be the cure to your SIBO tummy troubles but believe it or not, it is not the solution! Read on to learn what the low fodmap can and can not do for SIBO.

Thyroid and Gastrointestinal Problems: The 5R Approach to Healing

Thyroid and gastrointestinal problems are interconnected. Poor gut health impairs thyroid function and poor thyroid function impairs gut health. Luckily, we can implement strategies to support thyroid function and the gut all at once using the 5 R Approach.

woman curled up in bed with blankets over her face

Vitamins and Minerals for Anxiety and Sleep

Certain vitamins and minerals have been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and promote restful sleep, and the good news is that you can get them from foods you know and love! 

women sitting and looking to the side with the article title

Holistic Approach for Anxiety: The 6 Pillar Guide

Anxiety can be suffocating and debilitating, making you feel as though your symptoms are in control, and preventing you from living your best life. While medication and psychotherapy are beneficial treatment options for many people with anxiety, there is more that can be done to reduce symptoms and address the underlying causes.

holistic mental health: why it matters and how to achieve is in 2023

Holistic Mental Health: Why it Matters & How to Achieve it in 2023

We used to think of mental health as separate from the rest of the body, but now we know that the two are innately connected. This knowledge allows us to take a more holistic approach to mental health, which is more effective and provides better health outcomes.