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Community support and education designed to optimize a healthy mental and physical lifestyle
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Now Accepting Founding Members!!

Join the Holistic Health and Wellness group membership for bi-weekly calls, workshops and hands-on support. Together we focus on developing your whole body health through the Six Lifestyle Pillars of nutrition, fitness, sleep, toxin education, daily mindfulness, and support. 

Providing community, connection, and education, each month we will focus on implementing one or two main topics, such as:

  • “How to read nutrition labels and stock your pantry.” 
  • “How to incorporate an enjoyable and sustainable movement practice.”
  • “Identifying and eliminating toxins in your home.”
  • “Techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.”
  • And much more! 

Joining the Group Membership means that we’ll be focusing on long term sustainability, giving you the tools, knowledge and confidence you need to be successful in your life-long health journey.

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This group is

Perfect for you if

  • Your health is overall in good place and you want to optimize,
  • You are struggling with your health and need a good in between between where you are now and comprehensive one-on-one coaching, or
  • You already completed one-on-one coaching and you want to maintain your optimal health

Hands On Support

  • Bi-weekly group calls and workshops hosted by Kaytee with guest speakers
  • Access to the recorded calls
  • Drop in ‘office hours’ with Kaytee once a month for bite-sized support

Additional Perks

  • Access to the exclusive Holistic Health membership group online
  • 10% off medical grade supplements
  • Option to add on private one-on-one sessions


  • $47/month for founding members!*
  • 6 month minimum commitment then month to month
  • All meetings are hosting via Zoom
*Price will increase soon, but founding members are locked into this price for their entire membership
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